Shrimp, Asia – October 2012


After remaining firm for nearly three years, the international market for shrimp has taken a clear downward turn, with export prices crashing in June as the impact of a large production of Indian vannamei shrimp began to be felt. Activity in the Japanese market remains low but export prices from most of the producing countries […]

Low US demand a headache for Asia’s shrimp producers


EEUU.- US buyers not doing promotions for the year-end holidays, say Indonesian shrimp exporters. Shrimp demand from the United States is not picking up for the year-end holidays as compared to previous years, say Indonesian exporters.

Shrimp breeders scoff rising prices in Mekong Delta


The recent hike in shrimp prices in the coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta have failed to enthuse breeders, as they have no more aquatic crops to sell and are in desperate need of further capital for the next crop.

Thai shrimpers cry foul over Vietnam


Thai traders are complaining that Vietnam is buying up low-priced shrimp from Thailand for re-export. Bunjonk Nissapawanich, president of the Thai Eastern Shrimp Association, said the continuous decline in shrimp prices has hurt Thai farmers while benefiting Vietnamese shrimp exports.

Vietnam’s shrimp swims to the bottom like a stone


VietNamNet Bridge – After catfish, it’s now the brackish shrimp in Mekong Delta which is facing big difficulties.