Our expertise and experience

A.T.C focuses in distribution network and expanding market share of BZT® in aquaculture industry. BZT® Waste Digester (BZT® Digester) and BZT® Aquaculture (BZT® Aqua) of Bio-Form L.L.C./United-Tech were the most effective biological formulas to improve water quality and reduce bottom solids in a three-year United Nations (1997 -  2000) funded project.

Being used to solve organic wastes and toxic odors in thousands hectares of shrimp farming throughout the southeastern provinces of Vietnam, BZT® with its proven efficacy satisfies so many shrimps farmers and big farms. Since its first launching, we always receive good comments on effective BZT® performance such as eliminating toxic odors, reducing bottom solids, stabilizing phytoplankton and improving water quality.

Thanks to the consistent quality and high efficacy of BZT® unique formulations plus our excellent technical advices, we successfully develop effective BZT® treatment protocols in shrimp culture in Vietnam. Together with expatriate specialists, our in-house experienced and motivated engineer teams also directly work with farms in order to establish bio-treatment and biosecurity for sustainable shrimp farming and disease prevention.

Our growth strategy is to help farmers to be aware of biosecurity significance and benefits as well as carry out these practices in shrimp farming. We strive to provide the consistent high quality products for our farmers.