Our Commitment

Our commitment is to distribute the best high-quality and high efficacy products for bio-treatment in aquaculture, municipal and industrial industry.

1. BZT® products are the trademark registered in 1993 of BIO-FORM, L.L.C – US.

2. BZT® products are manufactured, blended, packaged and handled following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and under very tight Quality Control standards.

3. BZT® products are all natural patented microencapsulated bacteria and enzyme through mechanism of endospore formation incorporating a masking agent for shielding the exact microorganisms and protecting the formula.

4. BZT® products are safe for human, animals, plants and environment. The documents covering the BZT® products are published by the United States of America Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and can be found in the FDA Policy Guidelines, Guideline 7126.41 and also the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Volume 3, Parts 170 to 199.

5. BZT® products contain blends of several, live, waste digesting microbial strains that are naturally-occurring and non-genetically altered, plus a combination of digestive enzymes. All the microbial strains, enzymes, and the inert carriers used are either listed as US Food and Drug Administration GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) or are on AAFCO’s (American Association of Feed Control Officers) list of approved additives for use in animal feed.

6. BZT® products are licensed under Circular No.: 57/2009/TT-BNNPTNT issued on 09/08/2009 in Vietnam for the list of additional products using in environmental aquaculture treatment.

7. A.T.C Standards of BZT® products in Vietnam:

BZT ® AQUA: TCCS 01:2009/A.T.C

BZT ® BIO: TCCS 02:2009/A.T.C


BZT ® PRO-LB: TCCS 04:2012/A.T.C

BZT ® PRE-GE: TCCS 05:2012/A.T.C

8. Technical supports and bio-treatment solutions are also available.

9. Sustainable aquaculture practices are developed in combination of BZT® products for economic benefits and green environment.