BZT® – A.T.C – The impression in Vietnam shrimp ponds


BZT® displayed at A.T.C Biotechnology Office BZT® biological products, exclusively distributed in Vietnam by A.T.C. Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (A.T.C.) for over 10 years, are well-positioned and gaining the trust of most farmers. ON THE DIFFICULT PATH Founded in 1993, BIO-FORM, L.L.C. / UNITED-TECH specializes in research and manufacture of biological products with the BZT® registered […]

Basic Principles of Shrimp Farming


Start culture with biologically treated water and soils of reservoirs and ponds. Use filtered and biologically pretreated water for culture. Stock SPR Post Larvae and when water parameters are optimal. Use Post Larvae densities in accordance to aeration availability. Apply Zero water exchange for bio security. Daily measurement of water quality parameters. Daily monitoring of […]

Best Farming Standards (Practices)

Shrimp Farms: Desired Parameter Ranges Water Quality Parameters Optimal Range for Shrimp Water Oxygen ppm > 4.0  (anytime, on the bottom) Water temperature C 28 to 34 pH 7.2 to 8.3 Carbon:Nitrogen:Phosphorus Ratio 100 : 20 : 5 Secchi disc, % of pond depth cm 1 m pond = 35% – 40% 4 m pond […]