BZT® – A.T.C – The impression in Vietnam shrimp ponds

BZT® displayed at A.T.C Biotechnology Office

BZT® biological products, exclusively distributed in Vietnam by A.T.C. Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (A.T.C.) for over 10 years, are well-positioned and gaining the trust of most farmers.


Founded in 1993, BIO-FORM, L.L.C. / UNITED-TECH specializes in research and manufacture of biological products with the BZT® registered trademark following GMP and US Quality Standards.  In a 3-year (1997-2000) research project for environmental treatment, health improvement, growth and survival rate of cultured shrimps funded by the United Nations in Philippines, BZT® biological products. BIO-FORM, L.L.C./UNITED-TECH (US) outperformed 132 products from proving product efficacy in shrimp pond water and bottom environment treatment.

 Following this success, BZT® was introduced to Vietnam shrimp farmers in 2000. During this introduction period in Vietnam, BIO-FORM, L.L.C./UNITED-TECH (US) along with its distributor A.T.C faced great difficulty in persuading farmers to adopt new shrimp culture methods using frequent application of biological products. A.T.C has put its best efforts, times and endeavors in helping shrimp farmers to overcome challenges of conventional culture and traditional techniques, and approach the new technology, farm scale and biosecurity protocol.  Many demonstration farm models and trials were carried out by A.T.C in Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, etc. to assist shrimp farmers on site and allow them to witness the feasibility and effectiveness of biotreatment protocol.

 Three years later, mainly relying on the product quality and efficacy, BZT® shrimp farming models convinced many shrimp farms and households to believe and use the products. BZT® shrimp farming models have been increasingly developed and multiplied throughout the Mekong delta provinces. BZT® has become a more familiar name to a lot of shrimp farmers. Somepeople clearly remember every detail of the products and packaging, including the color of the pack and label.

 However, BZT® was temporarily away from the Vietnamese market for more than two years due to some regulations. During this period, some companies tried to take advantage by producing and selling fake / counterfeit products causing misunderstandings to farmers and badly influenced to BZT® trademark.


In 2010, BZT® – A.T.C has remarkably made its successful re-launch with new and more effective formulas. In order to meet actual demand of each farming region, BIO-FORM, L.L.C./UNITED-TECH (US) has just officially introduced a set of products consisting of Probiotic BZT® PRO-LB and Prebiotic BZT® PRE-GE to help farmers obtain better shrimp health management in risky environmental conditions due to disease outbreak and climate change.

 Shirmp farmers will feel assured using BZT®, because each product possesses outstanding features: Prebiotic BZT ® PRE-GE enhances immune of cultured shrimp,  helps beneficial bacteria grow and proliferate in the gut, gradually flush pathogenic microorganisms out of the gut, and stimulate the immune function. Prebiotic BZT® PRE-GE limits the toxins in digestion process, strengthens hepatopancreas function and increases the shelf life of harvested meat.  Probiotic BZT® PRO-LB strengthens digestion for cultured shrimp, offers beneficial bacteria to maintain and balance the gut microflora, helps shrimps to absorb optimal nutrients and detoxify the gut.  Probiotic BZT® PRO-LB improves Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), enhances disease resistance and offers fast growth rate.

 The cooperation of local technical team with foreign experienced and dedicated specialists based on advanced technology background, A.T.C desires to offer customers effective and useful solutions for sustainable aquaculture development.

BZT® biological products are all natural microbial strains and enzymes, non-genetically altered, USFDA-GRAS or AAFCO listed, manufactured using advanced biotechnology benchmarks to ensure the products’ effective performance in farming practice. BZT® contributes in production of clean shrimp sources with application of biosecurity and export standards.

A.T.C Biotechnology Company Limited (A.T.C) was established in 2002 with its management board of US expatriate and Vietnamese specializing in distribution network of biological products for aquaculture environment treatment. In 2003, A.T.C became the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for BZT® biological products manufactured by BIO-FORM L.L.C. / UNITED-TECH (US).

Translated from Con Tôm Magazine No.10 (August 2012)

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