Basic Principles of Shrimp Farming

  1. Start culture with biologically treated water and soils of reservoirs and ponds.
  2. Use filtered and biologically pretreated water for culture.
  3. Stock SPR Post Larvae and when water parameters are optimal.
  4. Use Post Larvae densities in accordance to aeration availability.
  5. Apply Zero water exchange for bio security.
  6. Daily measurement of water quality parameters.
  7. Daily monitoring of shrimp behavior and feeding.
  8. Daily monitoring for diseases, symptoms, signs, syndromes and sub clinical infections.
  9. Weekly monitoring of growth.
  10. Weekly microbiological analysis of shrimp for pathogens.

  1. Use best quality feeds with vitamins and minerals.
  2. Reduce protein % in feeds in accordance to DOC
  3. Feed in trays for avoiding overfeeding.
  4. Frequent application of probiotics to water and through feeds.
  5. Aerate all water bodies by biomass requirement. Avoid excessive soil erosion.
  6. Cycles should be finished before seasonal changes (open ponds).
  7. Water discharge should be biologically treated and may be reused.

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