About us

A.T.C Biotechnology Company Limited (A.T.C) is very proud to become the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for BZT® formulations of bacteria and enzymes manufactured by Bio-Form L.L.C. / United-Tech (United States) for the last decade. BZT® – Bio-Form L.L.C./United-Tech is one of the leading probiotic products addressed to organic waste problems in order to reduce and eliminate chemical treatment.
Based on the combination of comprehensive technical supports from Bio-Form, L.L.C. / United-Tech and marketing strategy of A.T.C, we strongly develop the professional and convenient BZT® distribution network in Vietnam. We intensify media communication to help aquaculture farmers aware of biosecurity significance and eco-friendly shrimp culture practices.

BZT® is registered trademark since 1993
BZT® bio-treatment is an environmentally safe cost effective long term solution to organic waste problems. BZT® dosage protocol is used in shrimp farming for both BZT microbes and phytoplankton to coexist at a balanced population density, because the phytoplankton population performs very useful functions important to shrimp growth and survival.
(*) These products are top winners by United-Nations (UN) Study Program (1997 – 2000), which are proven, high-quality and natural biological products to shrimp farmers, shrimp hatcheries, fish farms, fish hatcheries and tropical fish producers who can use them to proactively manage stress, maintain pristine water quality, control bacterial infections and solids accumulation.
Our services
1. Explore opportunities to connect suppliers and buyers to work in aquaculture industry
2. Deliver win-win solutions based on mutual benefits and cooperation
3. Better understand legal regulations to expedite the procedure for market demand and development
4. Utilize our market research and expertise to meet the customers’ needs
5. Define workable market segments for each type of product, equipment and service
6. Organize and systemize an effective distribution network
7. Offer cost-effective solutions in logistics and operational management for the distribution system
8. Accommodate of warehouse, inventory and logistic facilities
9. Provide dynamic, professional, well-trained and experienced team


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Manufacturer: BIO-FORM, L.L.C
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